Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson (b. 1970) began his career in documentary photography, shooting conflicts and events of the world. With the birth of his son, and the failing of his father's health, he began shooting life at home. Though he didn't have the intention or idea that he was actively creating 'a body of work', the resulting images from this time period strike hard at universal themes of the cyclical nature of life and death. In photographing his own life, Anderson shows intense sensitivity, revelling in the beauty of experiences which are both personal and universal.

Anderson says of the work, "At the same time that I was experiencing the intense joy of new life, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. It’s fair to say that I found myself reflecting on obvious themes of life and death. Through my son, my role as the son took on new meaning and my senses were hypertuned to the evidence of my own life passing".

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