New Work 2016



By manipulating the exposure process in a large format camera, with the aid of some black paper and a 3D modelling programme, San Antonio-based photographer Charlie Kitchen (b. 1991) is able to perform a unique in-camera collage that results in a stunning collision between geometry and landscape photography.

Kitchen explains that both photography and geometry have a dualistic identity, in that they each “serve as a form of an idealised representation of space, but through aesthetically opposite ways”. By combining these two representations of space, Kitchen is not only challenging the two-dimensional nature of a photograph but he is also creating a unique combination between natural and man-made shapes.

Using black paper as a makeshift dark slide in his large format camera, he inserts a three-dimensional model into the camera to cast shapes across the sheet of film when he releases the shutter, resulting in a physical sort of multiple exposure, the intent of which is to raise questions about the space within a photograph, or as Kitchen puts it, to create a “pseudo scientific analysis of the fundamental qualities of photography.”