Under My Skin




Emotions are very often invisible, yet we all know they exist. What occurs under the skin will occasionally materialise in behaviour or appearance, but just as often, can be suppressed or hidden. As a result of some inclement health issues, Dutch photographer Camille Renée Devid (1974) found herself going through bodily transformations and mood fluctuations. The changes were disorienting, and she felt that her inability to express what was happening even further isolating. In an attempt to understand and communicate her experience, she decided to draw her feelings in a visual form.

“At first I wasn’t keen to show others what was going on,” she says. “But identifying the emotions and using them as inspiration felt like a liberation after a while. Showing vulnerability, disconnection and struggle helps with acceptance and belonging.”

Devid's series Under My Skin was featured as a portfolio in GUP #49, the Intimacy issue.

Some of Devid's images will be shown in a group exhibition, called Under the Milky Way, June 12 - September 4, 2016, in PAK (Belgium).