The Totomboti Foundation was established in 2003 in Pikienslee, a small village in the Surinamese interior. Totomboti is made up of five Rastafarian men and aims to encourage youngsters in Pikienslee and the wider Saramacca district to develop cottage industries. The foundation’s main activity is making functional art from wood. In addition, the Rastafarians teach inhabitants how to use natural resources sustainably. Photographer Yamandú Roos (1978), who visited Totomboti in 2006, is actively supporting the foundation with a photo series that he hopes will raise the profile of the artists and their work in the marron (former African slaves) village. The project meant a lot to Roos personally. It was the first time he could shoot away in total seclusion and document the arts of Rastafarians in the way he wanted.

Editing: Sayyid@Souverein
Initiative: Humprhey Smith

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