Parisa Taghizadeh's series BOY portrays the interior world of a young boy who finds pleasure in dressing up in colourful necklaces, masks, make-up and dresses. Taghizadeh explains about the young boy, who is her son: "He finds beauty in things mainly associated with girls but that’s not why he likes them. He likes them because 'they are beautiful.'"

Beyond a sensitive portrayal of the playful and theatrical world of the young boy, BOY is an investigation into what little boys are allowed to be before the world molds them into the notion of what it means to be a man in today's society. The series BOY aims to capture this brief period of time, the liberty of childhood and playfulness without politics.

Taghizadeh's series BOY won first prize at Pride Photo Award 2014 for the category Gender, and also won the grand prize. To learn more about BOY, read our interview with Parisa Taghizadeh.