Black Gold Hotel



Michele Palazzi (b. 1984, Italy) created an insightful series of endangered traditional Mongolian life. Because of the new-found mining industry in Mongolia, the economy has grown at a very high rate very fast. That new industry has created pollution as well as dust that poisons the vegetation which makes surviving a much harder task for the traditional way life that is based on the ancestral nomadic herding routes across the steppes. The pasture has been their main livelihood for centuries, but it is disappearing within decades. Many of these nomadic families have by now left for the urban life in search of work opportunities, often resulting into economic and social poverty.

Palazzi shows both sides of the story, families from the Gobi desert who remained and hold on to their old traditions, as well as the ones that left in search of a better life. He manages to show both with a kind and loving eye, capturing intimate moments of the nomadic families and on the other side of the story the people that face the reality of a space that is deteriorated and invaded by unreachable western cultural models.