Un Autre Jeu



“I re-appropriate anonymous photos (taken from family albums or the internet) and superimpose my face on the bodies of unknown people. And I adopt the ambivalent status of a chameleon to traverse our forest of images in a back and forth movement, oscillating between the social need to adapt oneself and a kaleidoscopic identity.”

In ‘Un Autre Jeu’ (Another Game), Benoît Luisiére reconstructs the lives of strangers by placing himself inside their unknown worlds. He concentrates on the illusions that photography is able to create, its strengths and weaknesses, intending to draw attention to the fiction behind the controlled family photographs. Luisiére explains, “their imperfections reveal… the protagonist's intentions during the ritual of photography: that is to create or weave a fiction of little consensual lies.”

As Luisiére skews these reclaimed realities, new characters are constantly assumed; their lives and identities are rediscovered to create alternative anecdotes. In these playful depictions, lives spanning various eras and occurring in numerous places are entwined. This new family album is built up of staged moments of multiple strangers, united by Luisiére’s character, as he examines the ownership of the identity he claims.

Un Autre Jeu is published as a book by Filigranes Éditions.