Wild at Heart



British photographer Beccy Strong’s portfolio Wild at Heart centres around the complexity of time and the restraints it puts on us. Between laughter and wandering eyes and between bodies of water and moss covered trees, Wild at Heart draws our attention to growth, movement and loss. Strong’s photographs evoke serious contemplation about the passage of time and the fact that today nature is often neglected and childhood play is more controlled than it used to be.

Strong’s work is both documentary in form and a constructed fiction, created as a response to a dream her son had about the forest vanishing. Like the forest in his dream, freedom from time controlling our lives is fading.

The photographs of her son with his grandfather and a baby, draw our attention to the very different experiences of life that these three will have. These, in combination with photographs of shadows and sparks flying remind us of how quickly time goes by.

Wild at Heart was featured in this month’s issue of Tue Royal Photographic Society Journal.