Beauty Culture




Acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield (1966, USA) recently focused on cross-cultural perceptions of beauty from sociological and psicological prospectives. Her photographic work and films generally deal with issues relating to the influence of popular culture on how we live: youth culture, gender identity, body image, eating disorders, media, wealth, fashion, beauty, and consumerism Los Angeles, with its Hollywood machine and incessant promotion of the billion-dollar cosmetics industry, is an ideal location for a film and photography project addressing warped ideals of beauty.

A lot of the things Greenfield photographs are interconnected, and this project, Beauty Culture, allowed her to step back and look at many manifestations of the same phenomenon: from the precocious sexualisation of young girls, to the vanity of teenagers and their concurrent struggle to estabilish identities, to the challenge for older women as they face aging in a youth-obsessed culture.

Lauren Greenfield is represented by INSTITUTE.


Lauren Greenfield was featured in GUP #37: Los Angeles.