Interested in group interactions in both public and private spaces, New York-based photographer Dina Litovsky (b. 1979, Ukraine) has previously explored the city's nightlife as well as New York Fasion Week. In a new series, still concerned with mainly women's behaviour in certain idiosyncratic environments, Litovsky captures the experience of bachelorette parties. This custom, as it exists today, during which the bride-to-be is initiated into the role of wife, has its roots in 1970s feminism and reflects an often-contradictory female image in today's culture, simultaneously sexually assertive and compliant.

In this portfolio, Bachelorette, Litovsky explores how the cultural encouragement for the bride-to-be to uncover her sexuality is echoed in the commercial symbols of the bachelorette party - the highly sexualized accessories and toys. Litovsky explains that she also hopes to reach a deeper understanding of the women who take part in this ritual, regarding both their interpersonal relationships and their psychological state at this very sensitive and complex moment in their lives. She explores the bachelorette party as a rite of passage and as a curious ritual of friendship and status, intimacy and consumerism.