Turning in 1990 to portraiture and documentary photography, the pictures of Just Loomis (1957 in Reno, Nevada) present a raw and honest view of everyday life in America: a waitress behind the counter of a Hollywood fast-food restaurant, a young couple full of hope, or children caught in moments of transition. As a former assistant and friend of Helmut Newton - a mentorship that lasted 25 years and a relationship that continued after his death, with June Newton advising and curating his work - Loomis was active in the eighties as a fashion photographer for magazines such
as Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times Magazine. But also in his later documentary work, As We Are, the soul of Newton is omnipresent.
Just Loomis is known as one of the three ‘Boys from Pasadena' (the others being Mark Arbeit and George Holz). His photographs have appeared internationally in exhibitions, numerous publications and in advertisements. His solo exhibition appeared at Lincoln Center in New York, May of 2009. German publisher Hatje Cantz released As We Are in 2010.

Just Loomis was featured in GUP #37: Los Angeles.