Documentary photographer Raphaël Dallaporta (1980, France) is concerned with public issues which address human rights and the fragility of life. His thoughtful and engaging projects – often realised in collaboration with writers and journalists - have garnered international acclaim, including the ICP Infinity Award for Young Photographer in 2009. For Antipersonnel, Dallaporta developed a close relationship with landmine clearing experts. As we learned from Kathryn Bigalow’s movie The Hurt Locker (2009), disposing of this explosive waste is a tense and stressful job. As presented by Dallaporta, however, landmines are also things of great beauty; perfectly designed for the job they are meant to perform, with their fine colours and shapes, they are small aesthetic objects. Ultimately, Antipersonnel is about something sublime that encapsulates the paradox of representing what is unrepresentable: sheer cruelty.

Raphaël won the 2011 Foam Paul Huf Award with his 'Antipersonnel' series.

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