Corriette Schoenaerts works in three areas of photography: autonomy, fashion and commercial. Schoenaerts refuses to draw any distinctions between those three fields. She has worked for various magazines including Monocle, Blend, the Room and Jalouse and gets hired by the likes of Wieden & Kennedy, KesselsKramer etcetera. She also shot the recent Rendez-Vous SS09 campaign for Surface2Air Paris. Schoenaerts doesn't make use of one single unambiguous style or choice of subject, choosing instead to research the message itself; who is the message for, how can it effectively be brought across and what particular medium should be used? Acoording to Schoenaerts a recognizable style is "a cheap trick that fails to bring pleasure to yourself, your work or the public''. Schoenaerts usually works in series, creating parallel worlds that seem strangely real. She doesn't like revealing her ideas in a photo although a photo musn't become a puzzle either. "Photography is often obvious enough."

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