Another November



The narrative portraits of Laura Stevens (b. 1977) explore the themes of intimacy, relationships and loss through a painterly aesthetic and cinematic quality.

For her series Another November, Stevens created a photographic narrative based on the experience of losing love. The experience of an ending relationship in her own life led her to portray the emotional stages of other women. Stevens constructed scenes to represent the evolving chapters when coping with a lost love. She portrays feelings of pain, confusion and loneliness, eventually adding up to the reconstruction of an individual identity. The series displays the intimate moment of adjustment to being a single woman. The broken-hearted are portrayed in their Parisian homes, isolated and only surrounded by the textures and colour of the empty spaces they are in. Another November captures a deliberately nostalgic view of past memories free from feelings of loss and sadness. At the same time, the series aims to be a reminder that time only moves in one direction.