Metsästäjän Unelma



Annick Ligtermoet presents her new project Metsästäjän Unelma, a series of photos created in the North of Scandinavia. Finnish for 'Hunter's Dream', the word 'metsä' means 'forest' and 'metsästä' means 'from the forest'. Therefore, the first word, 'metsästäjän', can also be translated as 'man of the forest'.

Ligtermoet took these photos mainly in Finland and Lapland, places with the lowest population density in the European Union. Through fog, haze, and the blinding light, she portrays murky scenes that are hard to fully grasp, with invisible horizons and a reality that is tenuous, at best.

GUP has previously published two portfolios of Annick Ligtermoet's work: Transport Time and Zapovedniy.