V.I.P. Portrait Gallery



Potatoes come in many different shapes; no two are ever the same. Their commonly unappreciated diversity drew the attention of Andrzej Maciejewski, and he placed them in front of his 4x5 inch camera for his series V.I.P.: Very Important Potatoes.

Shooting in black and white allowed him (and us, as viewers) to completely focus on texture, shape and light -- the results a reference to Weston's photographs of peppers, for example. Unlike Weston's photographs, however, which had names such as "Pepper No. 30", Maciejewksi stresses that these pictures are portraits and therefore he gives different names to every potato like 'Enrique Dimitri Magnussen' or the Dutch sounding 'Mathilde Mol'. Names individualize whereas numbers standardize, and in this way, the uniqueness of every potato becomes his focus. The photographer prints these pictures larger than life, leaving no doubt that these potatoes are indeed very important.