Amelia's World




Animals, not represented as beastly, noble, or as props to illustrate human life, but as part of our everyday world, have always been important elements in the work of Robin Schwartz (1957, USA). Together with her daughter Amelia, Schwartz plays out and explores a world where the line between humans and animals overlaps or is blurred. It's like creating a fairy tale: the photographs are not documents but are evidence of their self-invented cultural space. It all started with a visit to a circus, where she wound up photographing her daughter with a monkey named Ricky. Ever since, Schwartz sets up the scenes but has no control over how the interaction will play out in front of her camera. Amelia proved to be intuitive, always being 'in the moment' and figuring out ways to interact with the animals, becoming more and more of a partner in the project.

The book 'Amelia's World' has been published by Aperture.