​Puree with a Taste of Triangles



In her series Puree with a Taste of Triangles, Russian photographer Alena Zhandarova (b. 1988) photographs herself in queer positions and costumes. Conflating herself with curious objects and backgrounds, her body merges with its surroundings like a wallflower amidst perky decor.

The artist plays around with her identity and presence by substituting ordinary things for her own body parts, or by making herself appear to be just another object in a room. With her face hidden behind a pile of pancakes, or completely rolled up in a Persian carpet, she seems to become subservient to the musty interiors in her photographs.

Through her work, Zhandarova creates a connection between the inner and external world and explores the theme of uniqueness and diversity of each person. She explains: “I am fascinated by the opportunity to see myself as a fabler with my own heroes, and the chance to transform my inner feeling of the world to visual form, from chaos to cosmos.”