Al Otro Lado del Sueño




Al Otro Lado del sueño means: The 'other side' of the American Dream. 
"They were frightened, uncomfortable and humiliated. Day after day we heard about border lines, immigrants, people who left their house and their families never had news about them, some other are dead. There are an estimated of 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. This is the story of a few of them; not the ones that die trying to reach their goal, not the others who live in the States. But the ones that are stocked in the border line, unfortunately the south.

Braving a ride on top of the freight trains that head north all across Mexico is the only chance for migrants, from all over Central America… to get close to the 'American Dream'. They are victims of robbers, police abusing their power, Zetas, kidnap and the government corruption. 
Sometimes It is the same machine that they use to reach their dreams, the one that can cut any hope, and also some part of their body.
Their plan to migrate to the States, to work and provide their families, is failed. They face mutilations and injuries but most of the humiliation is because their dream never come true… being on 'The Other Side'." - Nicola Okin Frioli

Nicola Okin Frioli (Rimini, 1977) is an Italian-born photographer who settled in Mexico a few years ago. His work was published in The New Yorker Magazine, Geo, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, The Financial Times and others. His photographs were exhibited at Photo España in 2009. He is the runner-up winner of the GUP portfolio session held at Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura on September 27, 2011.