Across the River - Tales of a Divided City



Across the River is a long term project by Jasper Bastian about the divided city of Mitrovica, located in the northern section of Kosovo. The city was once one of the wealthiest areas in the former country of Yugoslavia. Today, it is split into two parallel worlds divided by the river Ibar that builds both, a physical and an ideological barrier between the North and the South of Mitrovica. While South-Mitrovica claims to belong to the independent state of Kosovo, North-Mitrovica still pledges allegiance with Serbia.

In his series, Bastian illustrates the distance and isolation that is caused by the constant uncertainty and distrust between the two sides that creates a much bigger hurdle than the river itself. Fifteen years after the end of the Kosovo War, many Serbs and Albanians still have not made the view steps across the water.