7 Rooms




Rafal Milach is haunted by Russia and spent six years with seven people in three cities: Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk.
Why is a photographer, or anyone with an ability to create narrative, drawn to a certain geographical location to the point that he spends years of his life and most of his income going back to look it at such proximity? Milach’s quest is almost impossible to visualise. And yet, his book – complemented by the lengthy stories by writer Svietlana Alexievich – is a fascinating and subtle journey into the loss of direction, into the sad and beautiful connection with this country. Rafal Milach's 7 Rooms won Best Photography Book at the Picture of The Year International (POYi) Awards, and was shortlisted in the Aperture Photo Book Award 2012 for First Book.

7 Rooms has been published as a book by Kehrer Verlag. The first edition of the book sold out, but a second edition is expected Spring 2013, also from Kehrer.



7 Rooms from Rafal Milach was included in the Books section of GUP #33, The Stories Issue, and was the cover photo for the issue.