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Take Care

photo by Arjen Bornphoto by Arjen Bornphoto by Arjen Bornphoto by Arjen Bornphoto by Arjen Born
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Take Care

The older we get the greater the demands we will make on technology. At the same time, many older people are suspicious or even fearful of this technology. Photography then mostly hides behind a nostalgic view of the past, in which time is frozen in a familiar way. But Arjen Born (The Netherlands), our winner of the Photo Academy Awards, prefers to look to the future. Because the question is not if health care robots will play a role in the future care of the elderly. They will. But how? Will they take over routine tasks so that nursing staff has more time for warm human attention? Or will they be employed by efficiency-focused managers as a cost-cutting tool that will increasingly replace humans in health care?



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