#29 — Women



Not that we have become fanatic feminists overnight, but supportive of affirmative action, GUP#29 has opted for a 'ladies only' issue this spring. Although dabbling in the fine arts was generally respectable among ladies of leisure in the 19th century, photography was seemingly one of the very few professions - along with such traditional occupations as nursing and teaching - to be considered socially acceptable.

This issue features articles by Shinta Lempers and Suzanne ter Lingen.

This issue highlights photographers as Natalie Eye, Susan Meiselas, Debbie Grossman, Rachel Papo, Vanessa Winship, Lucia Ganieva, Aneta Bartos, Yana Toyber, Mirjana Vrbaski, Viktoria Sorochinski, Sophia Wallace, among many others.

Featured in this issue