#13 — The Belgium Issue



Our neighbours. Belgium. A wonderful country. A country populated with Flemish and Wallonians, feuding over the language. A country full of melancholy, a place where time seems to stand still. Drive from Wallonia to France and you will see why. Belgium, a country with illustrative language and statues that can tell a tale or two. Poetic and surreal, but above all, a country with phenomenal photographers. For us, the inspiration for our Belgium Issue. A combination of up-and-coming talent and well established photographers such as Stephan Vanfleteren and Carl de Keyzer, with strong national as well as international oriented work.

Additional photographers highlighted in this issue include: Toon Michiels, Dirk Braeckman, Sofie Knijff, Sofie van Dam, Gregor Servais and Debby Huysmans among many others.

Featured in this issue