#9 — Rotterdam



Rotterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands, industrial city, major port. Melting pot of cultures, social injustice and crime, but also a city of creativity, innovation and progress. All this makes Rotterdam a city with a wealth of material for photography. And the city on the Maas rivier knows it. From Hofplein to Kuip, from the port to the station, from the Euromast to the Van Nelle Fabriek, and soon from the Witte de Withstraat to the Kop van Zuid as well. The Dutch Museum of Photography, the country's largest photography museum, is on the threshold of a historical and large-scale move. The downtown premises were bursting at their seams and will be swapped on 18 April for Las Palmas, a renovated warehouse. All the more reason for GUP to have a look at what is being photographed in Rotterdam, and who is or has been doing it. You'll notice that the photography often revolves around ordinary people and life on the street. No frills. Just direct and simple. The images, the work methods and the photographers themselves are almost a metaphor for this only metropolis of international stature in the Netherlands. You either love is or you don't care for it at all.

Photographers highlighted in this issue include: Carel van Hees, Henri Bergenbrugge, Monique Scuric, Marrie Bot, Bert Sissingh, Ari Versluis, Otto Snoek, Gregor Servais and Reineke Otten among many others.

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