#23 — Pop/Rock



When we started this issue we were under no illusions that we could cover the whole spectrum of the genre in one magazine, so we had to make choices, harsh ones. And although pop/rock photography from the past appeals to people more easily on (oh, nostalgia) we wanted to avoid the cliches as much as possible. Besides, we had never seen so many photographers from around the globe so dedicated to the theme and we never thought we could work it out.

GUP#23 shows pop/rock photography, and we think we've nailed it pretty well - if we do say so ourselves - with a mix of (strong) stories from the past, the journalistic side of music photography as well as the artistic and conceptual approach of the subject; it's all in here.

This issue highlights the photographers Bill Furmanovsky, Storm Thorgerson, Claude Vanheye, Kalle Björklid, Danielle van Ark, Graham Smith, Annie Hoogendoorn, Andreas Weinand, Francisco Reina, among many others.

Featured in this issue