Welcome! Many think publishing a new photo magazine is this fast developing digital world is equal to committing suicide. Besides a large number of exhibitions and book publications, photo logs and photo news websites pop up by the dozen. Every month you'll discover new initiatives in the area of photography.

This issue features interviews with Fons Brasser and Frits Berends, and articles by Chief Editor Jochem Rijlaarsdam, Marcel Feli, Adriaan Monshouwer and Kirstin Hanssen.

Additional photographers highlighted in the magazine include: Fons Brasser, Frits Berends, Yamandu, Maurits Giesen, Ilse Leenders, Stefan van Weele, Charlotte Dumas, Machiel Botman, Boudewijn Neuteboom, Jaap Vliegenthart, Raymond Waltjen, Jeroen Toirkens, Robert van der Hilst and Jacques Meijer.

Featured in this issue