#36 — New Realities



In GUP#36 it is all about the exploration of new realities. With the twenty-first century only in the beginning of its second decade, we decided to focus on what has been, ever since its earliest days, a significant motivation in our visual media: to see with new eyes.

This issue features an interview with Phillip Toledano, who addresses the use of transformative procedures in order look like the new frontier of the human ideal of beauty. Maria Teresa Salivati taked to her about the human body, media and the definition of beauty.

Additional photographers highlighted in the magazine include: Bruce Mozert, Robin Schwartz, Nermine Hammam, Steven Brahms, Aima Haser, Koen Hauser, Kerry Skarbakka, Astrid Korntheuer and Maciek Jasik, among many others.

Featured in this issue