#30 — Metropolitan



GUP#30 is all about the metropolitans. Throughout the history, photographers have turned their cameras on the extreme human conditions present within the population urban core. Polluted and unhealthy, characterized by dangerous class divisions and social tension, the metropolitan area is a place of degeneration and decadence, and at many levels embodied society's ills.

Despite this, we opted for a a wider view of today's megalopolis: The photographers hereby presented encompass the entire scope of human life within our ever-growing cultural spaces, ultimately more complex than we could ever imagine. Jon Rafman tells about his Nine Eyes project in an interview with GUP, a project inspired by Google's panoramic views that support our insatiable need for navigation.

Other photographers highlighted in this issue include: Bruce Davidson, Michael Najjar, Wayne Lawrence, Thijs groot Wassink, Ruben Lundgren, Murat Germen, Xavier Comas, Alain Delorme. Hassan Hajjaj, Yves Marchand, Romain Meffre, Albrecht Gerlach and Heleen Out, among many others.

Featured in this issue