#15 — Graduate



Graduating from a photo academy or an art college is a once in a lifetime experience made unique by the years of work often dedicated to the final result. You have to set the jewel in the crown of your study, and at the same time face the uncertain life of a professional photographer. Any guarantees of time, attention and experimentation disappear. Here's another take on it; next to producing quality work you have to put food on the table. While not everybody finished on a high note with their graduation show, others realize their vision. Neither situation need determine your future as a photographer. In this Graduates Issue we review a number of photographers fresh out of (predominantly Dutch) academies. You can also see the work of four photographers who have been going at it hammer and tong for a few years, and not without credit due. A glance into the future...

Photographers highlighted in this issue include: Annick Ligtermoet, Popel Coumou, Rahi Rezvani, Levi van Veluw, Ima Gine, Obvi Ously, Isabella Rozendaal, Mascha Osipova and Rikard Laving among many others.

Featured in this issue