#28 — Conflict



GUP#28 is all about conflict. What will the future be like? Finding harmony and stability is not easy when the forces around you are rocking your boat. We live in harsh times. Socially, economically and geologically, the world seems to be in conflict.

This issue contains an interview with Richard Moss about his work Infra, a remarkable work in progress of what we casually tend to refer to as the conflict in Congo. Why go there? Why use colour infrared films? Jörg Colberg, founder and editor of Conscientious, a website dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography, asked him.

Additional photographers highlighted in this issue include: Steve Davey, Larry Clark, Jen Davis, Daria Tuminas, Arpad Kurucz, Andy Spyra, Antoine D'agata, Ruben Joachim Terlou, Raphaël Dallaporta, among many others.

Featured in this issue