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GUP Gallery - Isabella Hunts


GUP Gallery - Isabella Hunts

September 07, 2012 till September 28, 2012 Netherlands Amsterdam
Daily from 1 to 5 pm. Closed on Sun and Mondays.

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GUP Gallery
Ferdinand Bolstraat 1
1072 ED Amsterdam

Event details

With pride we present the first exhibition to open our very own gallery space in Amsterdam. Isabella Rozendaal (1983) kicks of with her first solo-exhibition named Isabella Hunts. Isabella Hunts is a project about hunting culture in the Western world. In the project, the shooting of an animal is not the center of the hunting experience. Without trying to downplay the moral dilemmas involved, Rozendaal approaches the hunt as a complex tradition, which involves comradeship, nature management and a sustainable approach to meat consumption. The exhibition is an overview of a work in progress, featuring work shot in Holland, Germany, the Deep South of the US, and the UAE. Future chapters of the project will take place across the Western US, South Africa and Europe.