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Tim Hetherington - Visions


Tim Hetherington - Visions

October 22, 2011 till December 02, 2011 United States New York

Venue details

Bronx Documentary Center
614 Courtlandt Ave (at 151st)
Bronx, New York 10451
United States

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Now that Muammar Gaddafi is past tense the untimely death of Tim Hetherington comes to mind again. Tim Hetherington, a multimedia journalist and World Press Photo award winner, documented the intersections of war, masculinity and identity. “Parading around imitating something they saw in a war movie” is Hetheringtons description of the Libyan rebel forces, after his return from there in March 2011. His Libyan photographs accurately depict the atmosphere during Libya’s revolution, a short time before the artillery barrages, he had documented, struck him. Resulting in his untimely death.

We also reviewed Tim’s book Infidel and wrote about the announcement of the annual €20.000 grant initiated in his memory.

The Bronx Documentary Center exhibits the works of Tom Hetherington during his time in Libya.

And finally, you can see the final photos taken by Tim Hetherington before he was killed in Misratah, Libya, on April 20, 2011.