Maria Elvia de Hank




A house filled with 19 children, 45 bodyguards, countless dogs and even more zoo animals, a soccer team and its fans, a casino, a school, horses, elegant clothes, all seen through the light and dust of northern Mexico. The life of Maria Elvia, the wife of the former mayor of Tijuana and eccentric millionaire Jorge Hank Rhon, exists within the boundaries of a compound and doesn't need an escape route. As if the whole world is squeezed into a micro-space: a displaced villa in Tijuana. With her candid approach, Magnum Expression Award-winner Yvonne Venegas manages to deliver a true depiction of a woman who manages a city within a city, an idealised household including fragile moments, gestures and encounters between people and animals, all of whom are practically oblivious to any form of judgement or expectation that lingers in the air around their royal lifestyle to which we are seldom privy.