Space Project




To infinity and beyond! Based on Jules Verne’s book “From the earth to the Moon”, these astonishing, futuristic, uncluttered and bright pictures forman amazing photographic archive of the most famous space organisations in the world. The Gagarine cosmonaut training centre near Moscow (Russia), Mars Desert Research station in Utah (Us), observatories in the atacame Desert (chile) and the Guyana space centre in Kourou (French Guiana) are the stars of Vincent Fournier’s photographs. The book invites you to travel to some serious space objects on planet earth - an offer you simply can’t refuse. The photographs are surreal, like paintings displaying a fantasy world where dreams and real life meet. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s a real-life documentary series. Imagine the unseen, explore the mystery of space and reveal the secrets of the universe. 3... 2... 1: Space Project is go!