A self-assured eye




Trude Fleischmann (1895-1990) was an Austrian photographer who emigrated to the United States in 1939. Her motion studies of nude dancers, an intense search for new images of the body, have made a great contribution to photography. Fleischmann was a self-confident young Jewish woman, also known as ’The Photographer of the Famous’, whose workspace in Vienna would become the Studio 54 of its time; a place where the local cultural and intellectual elite liked to meet and loved to be seen. Before leaving Austria in the 1930s, Fleischmann inexplicably destroyed all but 41 of her negatives. She settled in New York, where she resumed her portrait photography. This book, however, focuses on the photographer’s Viennese period (1920 –1938), and contains many unpublished portraits, studies of dancers and nudes, travel photos and photojournalism

A retrospective of Trude Fleischmann's work can be seen at the Vienna Museum until May 29, 2011.