In - Between: Denmark, Poland




The ‘In-between’ series of photo books has been published as part of the ‘Europe Today’ project organized by the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee. The committee was launched in 1993 when trade related friction between Japan and the EU was becoming a serious political issue. The EU and Japan then decided to hold a series of events, with the aim to develop a knowledge of each other’s culture. And so began a classic and necessary project. The idea for this series (14 books in total), named ‘In-between’, is to show all European countries through the eyes of well known young photographers from Japan. Each photographer was assigned two countries. Free of restrictions, some photographers worked in an objective documentary style relating to the obvious history of their selected country. Others worked in an abstract style offering hardly a visual clue as to the country they were working in. Well-known photographers such as Takashi Homma (Denmark-Poland), Osamu Kanemura (Germany-Finland) and Taiji Matsue (United Kingdom-Slovakia) are involved in this project. Also participating are lesser known but upcoming photographers like Hiroshi Ono (Austria-Slovenia) and Rika Noguchi (Czech Republic-Cyprus). The ‘In-between’ series will certainly become a collector’s item.