Sophie Green (b.1991, United Kingdom) has been documenting the Aladura Spiritualist African congregations of Southwark in South-East London over the course of two years. Driven by her curiosity to discover the Yoruba Nigerian Christian community, Green asked a friend and member of the congregation if she could join the service on one of the Sundays. What she then witnessed in the 'White Garment' church impressed her deeply: this strong union exuded positive vibes and a powerful dedication to their belief. The experience of five to seven hour-long services that included drumming, dancing and native hymns followed by a delicious West African meal, immediately triggered Green to produce a series of photographs: Congregation.

It took the photographer one year before she was able to take a picture she was finally happy with.Green was conscious not only ofthe visual appeal of the image, but she also felt the importance of communicating the right message and respectfully portraying members of Aladura. After a while, knowing the photographer by then, adults and children would freely ask Green to take relaxed snapshots after the service. The poses are especially evident in her portraits of the young believers who had no issues with combining performativity with spirituality.