Round trip New York - Amsterdam




Amsterdam is an attractive city, not only for tourists who want to hang out in the Red Light District and in the coffee shops, but also for artists. A great number of painters, sculptors, photographers and other artists consider amsterdam to be their home. While Amsterdam is alive and kicking with American creative minds, New York is a favourite hotspot for Dutch designers. Sacha de Boer portrays 16 expat artists and their studios in Amsterdam and New York by means of interviews and photographs. Want to find out why these artists choose to leave home and go to live and work in New York or Amsterdam and in what way ‘the big city’ inspires them? Read the book and meet ‘exported’ artists like: Charlotte Dumas, David Lindberg, Heather Jeltes-Davis, Liselot van der Heijden, Leo de Goede, Sebastiaan Bremer, Karen Birnholz, Betsy Green and Hans Broek. Wonderful portraits with an extra artistic touch!