You and I




You and I is the first retrospective monograph from American photographer Ryan McGinley. Known for his striking work of attractive young people running, jumping and otherwise gallivanting about, often in the nude, this book presents some of his best images. Though much of his work is choreographed and the subjects consciously selected for their wholesome good looks, his photos have the vigour of spontaneity, and a guileless sense of joie de vivre. The magic of his photography is that he manages to make his fantastical world believable by grounding it with people and ideas so fundamental to the human experience: Trees, caves, the feeling of leaping into water, and the electricity of touching another person. Exploiting the fierce colours brought out by film processes and harnessing the youthful beauty of his subjects, McGinley creates an intoxicating atmosphere full of wonder.

You and I was featured in the Books section of GUP #33 - The Stories Issue and is available from Twin Palms.