Paloma al aire



As we see pigeons on the cover, we might suspect that on the inside the theme continues. Ricardo Cases’ third photobook is about pigeon racing in Valencia and Murcia, Spain. 

Cases visualises the racing through photographs of the most peculiar moments. In the race the male pigeons compete to each other to win the attention of a female pigeon. Winning the race depends on the masculinity and urbanity of the pigeon. Owners can be very competitive as their pigeons symbolize indirectly themselves. They raise the birds with care and give the pigeons colours for more disctinction. For the owners this world is where they can escape from their reality. A reality that is similar to the pigeons but only now they contemplate the situation. Jealousy arises when it comes to flying, a freedom that humans only can affort by means of devices. By documenting the racing, Cases captures the significant affairs of life.