While turning the pages of Reveries, the first publication of the photographer David Zheng (b.1985, United States), we stumble upon a question: what city are we looking at? The dreamy analogue vibe of the black-and-white photographs creates a story that resembles New York in the 50s. However, after carefully analysing the dark and blurry silhouettes, we see a man wearing a straw hat rowing a canoe, a roof of an Asian temple and a boy wearing a dragon costume.

Suddenly, the mystery is unveiled: the entire project was produced in the city of Zheng's ancestors, Guangzhou, China. In Reveries, the photos of religious celebrations and traditional architecture are juxtaposed with the images of skyscrapers and desired fashion objects. By creating a paradox of old and new, the author shares his view on how the sacred values of his family and his childhood memories are now physically and metaphorically devoured by the invisible beast of modernity.