Radici is Italian for roots. These can empower you, but they can also hold you back. No matter how hard you try to escape from your past, your roots will always restrain your movements. At least that’s what happens in the series Radici, created by Fabrizio Albertini (b. 1984, Italy). The photographer combines black-and-white and colour images and creates a captivating, dynamic story about his family's erased identities and inherited traumas.

Mainly executed in Valle Cannobina, the project is focused on revealing the story of Albertini's grandparents that come from the desolate Northern Italian region. Melted taillights, dry tree trunks, secular cliffs, exotic reptiles and shadowed faces indicate cutout memories that once had a meaningful existence. Even though they are now abandoned, the portrayed subjects still carry traces of wistful longing for an idealised past.

Radici is the photographer's attempt to reveal his personal secrets and experiences. Nonetheless, the viewers of the series are invited to detach themselves from Albertini's story and to lose themselves in memories triggered by the images, own past regrets, reminiscences and unsolved mysteries.