In what is essentially a revisiting of Pavel Baňka’s (b. 1941, Czechoslovakia) photographic career, the new book Reflection looks back on roughly 35 years of work, from 1981 till 2016, revealing patterns and streams of thought that have followed the artist through the years. His geometric, highly structured works, often make use of light reflected on mirrors, glass and water – giving an additional meaning to the book’s title. The book is split into three main chapters, entitled Construction, Figuration and Abstraction, each offering insight into Baňka’s themes of working and seeing, which often overlap and backtrack through time – his development was not by any means chronological. Accompanied by some short written works, including an interview and a dream of his father, Reflection is a personal, thoughtful and aware retrospective of the development of his work.

Reflection was featured in GUP#52, the Mirror issue. An exhibition of Baňka's work is on display at Schilt Gallery in Amsterdam until March 26, 2017.