The City




Together with C/O Berlin, the Ostkreuz photographers teamed up to create a collaborative project on growth and decay in 22 cities worldwide. From Detroit to Manila, this book showcases a wide range of urban centres as seen by the 18 members of the German photography agency. Unleashed and dispersed over the planet, on a search for the essence of present-day urban realities, what they returned with is an engaging and interesting collective documentation of some usual suspects - Berlin, Detroit, Las Vegas, Shanghai, Dubai - but also some more peripheral metropolises, such as Gaza City and Ushuaia (Argentina). 

Photographs by Sibylle Bergman, Jörg Brüggemann, Espen Eichenhöfer, Annette Hauschild, Harald Hauswald, Papa Hristova, Andrej Krementschouk, Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler, Dawin Meckel, Thomas Meyer, Julian Röder, Frank Schinski, Jordis Antonia Schlösser, Anne Schönharting, Linn Schröder, Heinrich Völkel and Maurice Weiss; essays by Felix Hoffmann and Marcus Jauer.