As part of the Photographic Book Project, Visitor is the eighth book in what will be a collection of 12 self-published books by New York-based photographer Ofer Wolberger. Beginning in 2010, Wolberger started the ambitious project of creating one book a month. So far, starting with the first book, the Photographic Book Project includes Star Quality, New Breed, Town, Jewels & Fur, Stay, Covers, Germs, and now Visitor: a collection of security camera photographs, the type of small black and white photos necessary on some visitor ID badges to government buildings, enlarged to the size of a double-page spread. The beauty of this book is the subtlety in the face of the red stripe that runs down the gutter, deceivingly and blatantly marking the secret. Only when the unbound book is taken apart do we see the full photograph and realise we have just flipped through brilliantly fabricated book spreads.

Credits for the book go to Larissa Leclair / Indie Photobook Library.

 The book can be ordered here.