Timekeepers is a study of time, anachronism and nostalgia through the imagery and object of a photobook. Slovenian photographer Matjaž Tančič (1982) travelled to Yi County in China, taking portraits of peasants in their living rooms. The images immediately show the tell-tale signs of 3D viewing: misaligned red and cyan colours. No problem, the book includes a pair of folded cardboard anaglyph glasses with coloured lenses that allow the eyes to translate flat image data into a simulated 3D experience. Once the glasses are on, we’re immersed in the homes of our hosts, presented in diptychs: accompanying each portrait is a second photo showing the residential clock, a central totem of the home. Tančič’s images are rich with detail, expressing with depth the personal touches of rural life. Timekeepers is published as a small, spiral-bound photo album, enhancing the quaintness of the familial images and drawing attention to the beautiful absurdity of the old-fashioned 3D medium.

Timekeepers has been published in an edition of 400 copies and is available from Jiazazhi Press.