Ísland is the first book from photographer Maroesjka Lavigne (b. 1989, Belgium), self-published in an edition of only 200 copies. A thin, softcover book, containing only 36 images, it's an understated enclosure for what is a visually arresting body of work.

Lavigne took the images of Iceland beginning with a trip in the summertime of 2011. “The light was bright, colours were vivid and by the end of my trip the sun kept on shining all night long," she writes in the book's short introduction. Returning later in winter, she observed the shift in light. Capturing the diverse light and weather conditions of Iceland, as well as its otherworldly landscapes, Lavigne portrays an impression of Iceland that is complex, detailed, yet leaves intact a sense of mystery. Simultaneously unsettling and commonplace, the work reveals in brevity a unique and beautiful vision of the country.

Ísland is available for sale through the artist. You can see more of the images from the book in our online portfolio.