Habitar La Oscuridad




Habitar La Oscuridad (Inhabiting the Darkness) is the culmination of Marco Antonio Cruz’s long-term project photographing the blind and visually impaired. Beginning the book with four sheets of semi-translucent vellum, we’re allowed slowly into their world, as we peel away the cloudy layers of darkness, in order to see them clearly. Showing their world in a visual way has a poetic irony, allowing insight into the world of these often side-lined individuals. Cruz inhabits their living spaces and learning spaces, showing us the spectrum, from young to old, from the blind beggars at the mercy of those more fortunate to those living surrounded by friends or family. Overall, the impression is one of the fragility when one has no sight, as well as the possibilities of living with the common connection to the smallest pleasures of humanity, the things which bind us together in minute experiences of happiness, regardless of handicaps.


Reviewed by Katherine Oktober Matthews.