Guardians of the Spoon




In her latest photobook Guardians of the Spoon, Slovenian photographer Manca Juvan presents a look at the malleable and imperfect condition of memories. In a collection of photographs and short texts, Juvan (in collaboration with Saša Petejan and Urška Strle) revisits a ‘forgotten’ history of Italian fascist camps in Slovenia from 1941-1943. Through the stories of survivors and their relatives, Juvan offers remembrance to this internment, as atonement to what she describes as the “politically induced loss of historic memory”. The book is constructed in such a way that the stories are detached from the photos, and thus become movable parts, making a mirror of memory’s shifting sands. Objects, landscapes and portraits stand in as evidence for a history that has faded with time, and we are left with questions as to how we can remember things long gone and why we sometimes choose to forget.

Guardians of the Spoon was featured in GUP#53, the Infinity issue.